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We all learn to put on a “social cloak” at a young age. As children, we may be ridiculed for something as silly as preferring Batman over Spiderman when Spiderman is more popular. We’d rather lie and say we prefer Spiderman than face the pain of ridicule.

Don’t laugh at this example. You may not remember the feeling now, but it was very real and very painful. If you have children of your own, please know that the pain they feel is very real.

As teens the pressure is even more intense. Not having the right hairstyle or clothes can make you unpopular.

Many teens get caught up in this pressure to fit in, which comes from the ego.

We think that as adults, we’re immune to this kind of pressure. Yet how many decisions do you make – or not make – based on how others will view you?

This is exactly what we do to survive, we have to put on a social clock …a social self. But what we don’t do is to go back to find the real one. The price that you are paying is that you create your adult reality from a child’s perspective. Conditioning separates us from our tru self. Let’s use what we got and re-invent!

Re-inventing emotions and awareness

Your emotions hold all the information of a particular programme that will kick in when you feel that particular emotion. What happens is the emotion “frustration” have more than one connection and can be connected with “loneliness” or “abandonment” or “betrayal” or all in that order.

As we work together we discover how these connections are made, each person has a unique individual mechanisms that will trigger a particular emotion. As a Metaphysical Coach I search to see the big picture of how an emotion trigger a defense mechanisms and our need to take action or no action towards that emotion. Finding answers we go deeper into more and more layers,it is like a breadcrumb trail that leads to the missing piece of the puzzle. Emotions carry electromagnetic impulses that will make you react and emote. We charge and load the emotions almost always when we experience them for the first time. We hardly re-programme and upgrade. Remember the Y2K Ghost in the machine ?

These impulses are real and they have been constructed a long time ago, we are a self intelligent system, our reality is created by these impulses.It's like unraveling a ball of string, certain events have created those codes at a very young age, most of your perceptions are formed before the age of 5 years. I help you find the original energy that is locked up in old paradigms and you re-invent them.This is transformation and in fact alchemy.This process is called awareness which is powerful in that you realize,more connections is possible.

Visualize nero pathway connections that fire in parallel, you start to connect with your real self.In Sacred Geometry terms it can be visualized as a circle which is you’re sum total of your current reality.But you also learn to reconstruct another circle and they move towards each other to form one.The birth of new life! In Sacred Geometry the principle of the Vesica Pisces is the transformation of two to become one."The Cosmic Law of one".

It is a process of using what you always had by making new connections to extend your current consciousness to create a new reality.Changing your perception of the past is literally changing the past itself,together with your memory of it. You change your reality by new "awareness" from within.The more information you have the easier the problem solving.

If you don’t make these changes, you turn up in the future and the past mistakes will keep on sabotaging you.It is like casting a stone into the future,all you need is to turn up in the future and it hits you in the face.

Changing your perception of the past is literally changing the future ,together with your emotional memory of it. You change your reality by new awareness from within. If you don’t make these changes, you can turn up in the future and the past mistakes will keep on sabotaging you. It is like casting a stone into the future and all you need to do is turn up and it hits you in the face.

A Meta Life Coaching process that awakens this type of consciousness will change your perception of how you create your reality and the realization of how powerful the process is. It is hard work and very challenging but the rewards are so many. By living in the present as the beginning instead of letting the past be the beginning, the past can no longer hold you. Freedom is yours to live now.

Gain New Insight into Quantum Mechanics and Unlock Higher Systems of Reality !

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