Paradigm Shift

Awareness and Paradigm Shift

The first challenge for a Life coach is to align the seeker from separation, we are all conditioned to survive in this world through separation, to be aligned will give you a glimpse of the true self.We put paradigms in place to survive. A paradigm is a set of rules. An example is a destructive relationship, most people are only aware that something is not working in the relationship when the feeling of separation sets in.

One way to explore this reality would be to feel the emotions in a destructive relationship and where the emotion comes from and how many other relationships end up exacly the same. The truth is we have a relationship making process with everything in our life. An emotion is the glue that holds the paradigm in place, a paradigm is also a reality that we create, and we live by these rules or reality; we use them as mechanisms to create everything in our reality.These are our beliefs and values that makes us what we are. The origin of the values is what drives us and it is there that we pay the price if the same outcome re-manifest no matter what we do.

In a destructive relationship the most difficult part is to get to a place were we achieve “awareness”. What I mean is that the relationship takes two to tango; each one is in it for different reasons. When emotions of “frustration”, “depression” and “self hatred” sets in something must give,this is how we expand our consciousness or stay where we are. It is the Cosmic Law of evolvement of growth and death. Certain meganisims will be triggered and each one in the relationship will experience it in a different way. Frustration can lead to anger and anger trigger rage and rage can lead to abuse.In turn the other one in the relationship may always accept this response, and believe that they deserve it,although it is not socially acceptable.

Sometimes we reach the point where we walk away and create a relationship with someone else and find the same personality,the same emotions but we feel worse. So we keep on attracting the same type of personality till we discover how we attracted it in the first place. Working together we explore deeper to find the mechanism that drive the actions and reactions. This can be seen as a defense mechanisms, an area that are out of bounds to enter even for our selves.

We will defend that border at all cost. As soon as the ego gets involved the process of denial is normally constructed, visualize a computer programme that always uses the same algorithm and outcome. Another form of denial is blame; rather blame the other or something or somebody out there for the emotions that you feel.Now, all the above is setting yourself up in a paradigm that always follow the same ending, one explanation is that the emotions are coded with a electromagnetic frequency and this is what effect us on a deep level. Let’s rather use them and re-invent them, achieving this leads to awareness and ultimately ... a Paradigm Shift !


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