Law of Attraction


Creating and manifest from the Law of Attraction ?

We create from the Cosmic Law of attraction. In most people the Law of Attraction would trigger a filter through the ego, you can't upgrade to a new consciousness without the knowledge of ego.Your ego will attract that what you resist,and that what you don’t want, it is what will persist! A paradox, yet; the subconscious mind will influence the opposite of what you want. The ego!

This Cosmic Law means that like attracts like; so positive will attract positive and negative will attract negative. The ego is the social self, the conditioned one, fear triggers the toxic rules and old defense mechanisms.

The thing is we create our reality all the time, what we get in the end depends on how we construct our current paradigm. By changing the way you perceive the past, you will also influence the future. This is the real "stuff" when you become aware ... you are your own teacher. You now have more outcomes,by changing your perception of the past you change your reality now. Starting with your emotions, re-inventing and achieving a new awareness that enlightens you.

Enlightenment is not just for the Masters, it's your birthright!

Metaphysical coaching or mentoring is not about running the race and then up to the coach to help you over the line.

Metaphysical work is not easy, for the observed and the observer, lots of times there's no rewards and no breakthroughs. I walk with you and look at how you construct your reality; we test, look at paradigms, programming, defense mechanisms, triggers, events, ego and the social self to find in all of that the "authentic self".

Ultimately to achieve a shift in consciousness.

Michael Talbot writes in his book ‘Mysticism and the new Physics’ about how consciousness can affect reality. Indian fakirs in Tamil have a fire-walking annual event. A psychologist attend the event as the ceremony finishes one of the fakirs come to the psychologist and suggest to him that he too could do the fire-walk as long as he holds his hand. The psychologist bravely takes the fakirs hand and managed to walk the fire! The phenomenon of fire-walking demonstrates that the Indian fakir have the ability to become the observer by perceiving the fire from a different conciseness and thereby changing the current reality. In quantum mechanics the observer can change a reality for example if you observe a wrist watch in its finest detail the light that you shine on the watch chances the watch (observed).

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